Audio Visual Setup Toronto

The Importance of a Collaborative Ecosystem

Many companies in Toronto purchase expensive audio visual (AV) conferencing solutions but fail to have these systems properly setup and installed for optimum benefits. This is a waste of valuable resources and should be avoided. The conferencing solution should be viewed as only one of many important aspects of a collaborative ecosystem that should be considered to maximize the user experience.
The best way to ensure that the AV conferencing solution is being used to its full potential is to use a professional collaborative communications company to handle the implementation of the solution. This will ensure that all of the details are covered and the business will be able to enjoy the benefits of the conferencing system more efficiently. There are many details to consider when implementing a conferencing system and these companies know how to maximize the user experience to create an immersive and innovative environment that promotes collaboration.

Video Conferencing Choice and Setup

The right choice of AV conferencing system is important to optimizing its usage. The system chosen should include features that can be easily used to improve collaboration and productivity. Employing the services of a collaborative communications company will ensure that the system fully meets the business' requirements without adding features that will never be used. Every business has unique needs and these experts assess requirements to provide a completely customized solution.
Whether the system is a corporate platform (Cisco or Polycom) or web conferencing option, these companies have the certifications and experience to properly implement it. This involves analyzing existing IT infrastructure to identify potential issues such as firewalls and bandwidth limitations beforehand.

Room Assessment and Setup

The mistake most companies make is not optimizing the AV conferencing rooms to enhance the experience. This optimization goes beyond the room where the conferencing originates and should be in place in all the rooms where the conferencing is being received as well. The purpose of room optimization is to create specifically designed rooms that are easy to use and promote innovative collaboration for users.
Control automation is vital to continued use of the system. This allows users to easily access the technology without fully understanding how it works. Control systems can take a complex collaborative system and make it incredibly simple to command. A high tech system is basically useless if it is not easy to use.
Set up and placement of any interactive devices and displays should be included in an end-to-end implementation as well. This may include initial set up and calibration of SMART Boards as well as ensuring that all people in the rooms are able to see the device from a strong viewing angle. Coordinating multiple inputs from different locations is also an important consideration.
Other factors to consider are proper lighting and acoustics of the rooms involved in the conferencing. Bad lighting and acoustics can have a significant negative impact on conferencing and steps should be taken to optimize these factors when possible.
Trust a professional collaborative technologies company for your audio-visual setup in Toronto. Discover the full advantages available by increasing innovative collaboration and productivity today.
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